Swaddling Ritual

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Are you tired of living in “achiever” mode and struggling to relax?
Have you reached a dead end and don’t know how to proceed further?
Can you remember the last time you spent some quality time on yourself and your body?
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Swaddling Ritual price
3.5 hrs. ———- 3000 kr.

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Postpartum swaddling – closure of labor.
Postpartum recovery. Closure of childbirth.
Now I would like to share with you, dear women, a special ritual that has existed for a long time in many traditions, helping to recover after childbirth.
It was believed that how a woman lives the postpartum period determines whether she will rejuvenate after childbirth or, conversely, lose health and longevity.

In the process of the Swaddling Ritual in Zen Massage, I try to select a set of elements individually for each woman, what the woman especially needs at the moment and what exactly will help her. But the essence is always the same: at the source of the ritual lies a deep understanding of the importance and value of a woman.

How does the Swaddling ritual take place?
The procedure of swaddling or closing the birth takes place in our clinic; it takes at least 3.5 hours.
This must include:
* conversation with a woman, drawing a mandala with herbs
* drink (for example, cocoa with spices, herbal tea, depending on the woman’s needs);
* warming up the body using Stone therapy and Ayurveda peeling of the whole body. *massage (relaxing rebozo massage, Thai massage to work out the hip joints, massage with essential oils, lymphatic drainage massage);
* abdominal massage with herbal compress
* swaddling
* massage with Tibetan singing bowls, sound therapy
The whole process is accompanied by a beautiful setting: flowers, interior items, candles, music – everything so that the woman relaxes and feels that this is happening only for her.

It all ends with tug-of-war, when the woman lies on the floor and is pulled with special scarves. Therefore, this procedure in the Slavic tradition is called “seven locks”, since seven scarves are used.
At this time, the woman feels constrained, feels the boundaries of her body, and after the scarves are untied, relaxation occurs.
And as a result – the return of a woman to a state of natural integrity – body, soul and spirit!