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“Ritual Zen – Deep Relax” Special Treatment 75 min – 599 kr.
Available from September – December, 2023

Experience the ultimate journey of relaxation with our “Ritual Zen – Deep Relax” treatment. Indulge in a blissful 75 minute escape that combines the most luxurious and soothing elements of various massage techniques, all at an unbeatable price for 599 kr. (Normal price is 890 kr.)

“Ritual Zen – Deep Relax”

Hot stone – The journey begins with a delightful hot stone placed on your back, where the gentle warmth of the stones melts away tension and promotes a profound sense of calm. Feel the stress of the day dissipate.

Thai foot massage – Next, treat your tired feet to the ancient healing art of Thai foot massage. This therapeutic technique targets specific reflex points in your feet, stimulating vital energy pathways throughout your body. You’ll experience a wave of relaxation and renewal as skilled hands work their magic on your feet and lower legs.

Back massage – Then, drift away as we return to your back, providing you with a full-back massage that will ease away any remaining tension and restore harmony to your body and mind. Our therapist’s skilled hands will tailor the massage to your specific needs, ensuring you leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Face reflexology – Finally, surrender to the soothing caress of reflexology for the face. This gentle facial massage focuses on pressure points that correspond to different areas of your face, promoting circulation and restoring balance to your complexion. Feel the cares of the world fade away as you drift into a state of serenity.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience “Ritual Zen – Deep Relax” at an exceptional special treatment. Treat yourself or a loved one to this wonderful journey of tranquility for only 599 kr. (Normal price is 890 kr.) Book your session now and immerse yourself in the epitome of relaxation and self-care.